Time is Money, both are Freedom!

Time is Money, both are Freedom!

Money is derived from time spent focusing on a task.  We make more or less money for more or less time, but how one uses his time will, within certain limits, allow him to make money.  Likewise, how one uses his money will, within certain limits, allow more freedom in use of his time.

We want to focus not on making money, but the use of money once we have acquired it.  If both of these precious resources are conserved, this gives us more freedom.

In other words: Time determines how much freedom we have with money, and Money determines how much freedom we have with time!

So if we want more freedom and control in our lives, we must be careful in our use of our time, and our use of our money.  Since the burden of making money is one of the principal time constraints for most of us, when we have wisely accumulated and saved that resource, we are able to direct and channel our time into the issues which we consider more important than making money.

Because we use our time to make money, and often feel we are at a loss financially because the time has not been used productively, it is critical to make the connection between profitable use of one’s time, and conserving cash, so that one has more time for pursuits other than purely the making of money.

The prudent use of time and money allows one many benefits, such as

  • Maintenance of physical health
  • Improving family harmony
  • Involvement in community affairs
  • The ability to learn on new subjects, for personal benefit or profitable endeavors
  • Time to relate to others, with a more enlightened point of view
  • Time for relating to self, unburdened by money problems
  • Time to explore the use of solitude
  • Time to cultivate better personal habits
  • Time to exercise stronger self-discipline
  • Time to work on one’s marriage
  • Time to work on relationships with other people.

So I encourage you: use both time and money wisely!

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