Will picking the right college help control your budget?

One of the greatest expenses for parents is college tuition for their young ones.  Of course, the older student also feels the pinch.

Of course, we all know that private colleges cost more, and for profit colleges suffer from two problems: high cost, and credits that do not transfer to obtain a college degree from an accredited university.  For these reasons, state funded colleges (such as IU or Purdue) offer a “bigger bang for your buck”, giving lower cost and coursework that is accepted at any other institution of higher education.

Likewise, Ivy Tech is an excellent value, as it offers accredited courses at even lower tuition rates.  But how about distance learning?  Can a Indiana resident attend a state school with accredited courses, lower tuition cost, and learn off campus via the internet?

Now there is an alternative.  Western Governors University Indiana, or WGU, offers transferable credits, full time tuition of $6,000 per year, and course work measured by papers and exams, with all instruction online.  What a great idea for the busy mom or dad who is trying to advance their career!  In addition, all courses transfer from Ivy Tech associate degree programs into relevant WGU programs.

If you are a beleaguered wage earner too busy to spend nights on campus, this may be a great opportunity for you.  The attached article explains further, and is recommended reading:  WGU Indiana .

Of course, if more expensive options in time and money are practical, they are advised.  Nevertheless, internet learning can be a great advantage for those determined to take it seriously.



Is budgeting really worth it?

Quite simply in the opinion of this writer and most financial experts, it is always worth it.  Ask any college kid with student loans:  do they create a burden in his/her life?  The “buy now, pay later” mindset ends up leaving us exhausted.

What is the solution?  People need to start saving, as has begun to trend in recent years in the U.S.  We need to watch what we spend, and “make do” without always desiring more.  As we have learned in the last few years, a new trophy home is not always necessary.  

Do you want more control over your life?  BUDGET!  A good article on this topic by the President of the Sagamore Institute is attached, and I wish to give credit to Jay Hein for the clarity of his thoughts.  See the attached:   Jay Hein on Budgeting

Just think about it.  Every dollar saved is one more you don’t have to work for.  Just remember what Ben Franklin said:  A penny saved is a penny earned!

Does it all add up?