Credit Card Debt

In Indianapolis, as virtually everywhere in the country, credit cards are convenient to use: you just reach into your pocket, and the purchase is easily made. But if it is not paid off every month, the balance grows steadily.  Though incredibly convenient, long term credit card debt is a dangerous financial problem. Over time, it becomes very difficult to pay off.

Interest rates are normally in the 18-21% range.  Even the “low rate” cards are often just for 6 months at the “low introductory rate”.  If a payment is late, the credit card lender will often recalculate interest at 21%.  And late charges, over the limit charges, and cash advance fees still apply.  Using credit cards is easy, but adding up and keeping up with what they cost is more difficult.

We at Mike Norris and Associates will evaluate your credit card debt as a percentage of your income.  Other factors are also important, such as your age, health, and prospects for an increase or decrease in income.  What your spouse contributes, their pay rate, and even their health are also important.  How many dependents you have, and how long you will need to support them is also significant to your financial picture.

Mike Norris and Associates will advise you on how you can sensibly deal with your credit card debt.  After a thorough review, our Indianapolis lawyers may recommend debt settlement.  Review blog posts on this issue:  Blog posts on debt settlement

Or perhaps bankruptcy is a better option for your situation.  We offer other services as well that may be more advantageous for home, car, or tax debt.  Whatever the case may be, we want to help you, so give us a call now at (317) 266-8888, or email Mike at

Note: We are a debt relief agency.  We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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