Here are a few testimonials from people we’ve helped over the years.

“I would highly recommend Mike for his logical, down to earth philosophy and his legal and financial expertise. He shed a whole new light on my current problems and has given me courage to move in the right direction.” – S.S.

“I first met Mike Norris at a Chamber of Commerce meeting. His professionalism was obvious from the start; I could see that he knew what he was talking about. When we presented our financial issues, his explanations were clear and concise; he gave us a plan for immediate action, including specific steps to follow. He has a great understanding of business, not just law, and this really helped as well.
Quality business-oriented lawyers like Mike will give you goals you can implement, and bottom-line results.
Because Mike is a “work-out guy”, he kept us out of bankruptcy, and helped us work as a team to modify our operations and procedures. We have since had positive financial results, and look forward to an SBA loan sometime soon based on our turnaround.
I have worked with lots of attorneys, but most don’t listen all that well. Mike asked the right questions, and got to the root of the problem. Mike, we want to thank you for assisting us to produce a business plan that is bringing our business a brighter future.” – J.Z.

“I would like to say that the experience that my husband and I had with Mike Norris was wonderful. We were going through a very difficult situation and he made us feel so comfortable. He has a great personality and was very supportive throughout the whole process. We felt so taken care of. I would and do highly recommend Mike to everyone.” – J.C.

“Thanks for all you’ve done for [us]. Financially, spiritually, emotionally.” – M.H.

“Thank you for all your help and everything you have done for me! As difficult as this was, you have made the best of it. Could not have asked for a better representative. Thank you so much!” – N.G.

“Both [my wife] and I are very grateful for the help and guidance Mike provided during the Chapter 13 process. At first, I resisted this approach to resolving my debt issues, but in the end his guidance was on target. With this painful event behind us, we can move on with our lives.” – C. T.

“As a CPA, I know how important it is to give sound business advice, especially for clients who rely on me to give them a referral to a competent attorney. When I recently recommended a client to Mike, I found that the client was quite pleased with the way that Mike listened to his concerns, and seemed to genuinely care about his financial struggles. From the first meeting, it was clear to my client that Mike meant to serve his best interests.
Unlike some of the larger firms, Mike is not one who seeks to “bill everything in sight”. He was able to get excellent results while making sure that the cost was not outrageous. In addition, his advice was realistic, and stressed keeping the case out of the courts, with all the delays and costs that that can bring. Thanks Mike, we appreciate your good advice!” – J.S.

“Thank you again for all your help in what was a difficult and embarrassing situation. You made it easy to understand the steps I had to take. I really appreciated your constant help and assurance.” – A. S.

“Just wanted to thank you again for the way you always provide support with a warm and friendly spirit. You have made this process almost painless. We were blessed to get you to represent us.” – B.F.

“I have learned to be more fiscally responsible…Mike’s assistance has proved invaluable. He was not only interested in helping me with debt settlement but has also provided education about money utilization. I was able to successfully settle all debt with his assistance and I feel a level of financial freedom I’ve never felt before.” – C.N.C.

“My wife and I wanted to thank you for the time you spent with us last week. We both believe that your advice was some of the best we’ve ever received with regards to our finances and our lives. It was frank, honest and bold. It was just what we needed. Over the holidays, we talked hard about our lives together and how we spend our money. We found more ways to cut our expenses, and actually put a budget together. We want to thank you for your candid advice. From now on, you will be the first person we will call upon for help.” – J.C.


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