Planning the use of money (Part 1)

Does it make sense to plan the use of money?  All the experts say it does.  But how do we do it?  Simply put, tracking our spending allows us to predict how fast it our money will “go out the door”.  This short video is the first of 6, showing how to be aware of your use of money.  Remember: if you can track where your money has gone, you can predict where it will need to go in the future.  In addition, planning helps to distinguish between needs and wants, so you can sort the necessities from the luxuries.

I hope this video helps you to a prosperous future, free of financial worries!

I suggest you download the video file below, as viewing is easier due to a bigger screen size.  Or you can just click on the icon and the video will play immediately.  As always, please call if you have questions.