Planning the use of money (Part 2)

So just how hard is it to be safe with money?  A plan will go a long way in creating security.  If you are wrong, you will know that “things did not go according to plan”.  If the plan is working, then you were right!  Remember, it’s just math.

What will the math tell you?  It answers the question:  “What are your habits?”  Once you know that answer, you can proceed to ask: “What do I want to be my money habits?”  Then a plan can be formed and carried out.  But first, observe what you are doing with your money every month.  Awareness of your habits is the most powerful tool you can use to change them.

I suggest you download the video file below, as viewing is easier due to a bigger screen size.  Or you can just click on the icon and the video will play immediately.  As always, please call if you have questions.