Planning the use of money (Part 5)

This is the video that shows a full month of expenses for our sample consumer, who can now see how the month’s spending all adds up.  Is more income needed?  Can some expenses be cut?  Which expenses?  How much?

All of these questions are the ones a prudent consumer or small businessman must ask himself, in any case where he is late on paying bills.  There is an obvious reason he is late on paying bills:  he did not have the money!

When the money is just not there, go through a three step process.  First, track expenses.  Second, ask yourself: can I make more income?  If not, step three comes into play: expenses must be cut.

Hopefully, this series puts it in perspective for you.  As always, we are here to help, just call (317) 266-8888.

I suggest you download the video file below, as viewing is easier due to a bigger screen size.  Or you can just click on the icon and the video will play immediately.  As always, please call if you have questions.

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