Small Business

Small businessmen have unique sets of problems. Having owned my own law practice for 35 years, I have experienced many of the situations which are frustrating to small business owners like myself.

Often the problem a small business faces is lack of cash flow. There are many reasons one might run into this problem, such as ineffective marketing, poor management of employees, not keeping adequate track of inventory, not collecting on receivables, amongst others. There are also many other challenges in a small business where legal counsel can be effective, such as:

  • purchase and sale of property
  • employment and compensation agreements
  • ownership agreements, including LLCs, corporations, and
  • business formation, structure, and organization
  • contract negotiation, drafting, and review
  • contract disputes and litigation
  • succession planning, including buy-sell agreements
  • debt negotiation and debt settlement without litigation

Many times in counseling small businessmen, I spend an hour or two with them to get to the root of the problem. By listening carefully, it soon becomes obvious where the problems lie, and the solutions seem to “pop right out”.

If you’d like more information on common problems small business owners run into, and my take on how these issues are most easily solved, check out My Blog, above. If you have a specific problem or you’re in over your head, schedule a consultation with me today by calling our office at (317) 266-8888 or email me at

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