Business Consultations

Our firm provides business consultation on a number of issues for our commercial clients. When a business is forming – we can provide advice on what legal entity your new company should choose, and how to structure for most efficient control – a critical decision for management, profitability, and tax purposes. If further work is desired, we can guide you through the business formation process that is deemed appropriate.

If your business is up and running, you likely do not have in-house counsel to provide feedback and advice regarding the management of legal issues that inevitably arise. These legal issues may be in a variety of matters – including transactions and informal agreements with vendors and trade partners, as well as the drafting of letter agreements and contracts that govern those relationships. Your need for legal counsel may also involve lawsuit matters: a breach of contract claim against one of your vendors, a premises liability lawsuit filed by a customer, or perhaps a wrongful termination suit started by a former employee.

None of these matters should be handled without the expertise of seasoned legal counsel.  In the event the facts you present to us call for a specialist’s opinion, we are happy to refer you to a competent lawyer, even if he is not a member of our firm.  When your company faces any of these challenges, or if you simply have questions about contingency planning and future cash flows, we are here to help and advise. Give us a call now at (317) 266-8888, or email Mike at

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