Welcome to my YouTube page! Below you will find the latest YouTube videos I have recorded along with a brief description of the content.
Hopefully, these videos will assist you in understanding how to handle legal issues.  If not, feel free to comment or email me with your thoughts.

Protecting your home in foreclosure discusses the new law on settlement conferences, and how to use that law to demand an answer to mortgage modification requests.

Debt Settlement gives a broad outline of this bankruptcy alternative, which can be quite effective.   

Chapter 7 explained should relieve some of your fears as to what the process is, and what it is not.   

Chapter 13 bankruptcy explained should be reviewed before meeting with us, to help you understand the basics.   

Business Cash Flow: How to Free it Upexplains the basics of conserving cash in tough times.  It is a must at some time for every small businessman.    

Escaping the Credit Card Trap is a timely lesson in the high cost of interest, especially high credit card interest. 

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